Control Schemes and Key Bindings

The control scheme for Pathman is a variant of the famous "WASD" system found in most first person shooters. One hand controls the orientation with the mouse ("mouselook") while the other controls movement. The arrow keys are included as movement keys so left handed players are not forced to assume uncomfortable positions.

Pathman control keys
KeyAlternate KeyAction
Mouse MovementChange Pathman's orientation
WUp ArrowMove forward
SDown ArrowMove backward
ALeft ArrowStrafe left (move sideways without turning)
DRight ArrowStrafe right (move sideways without turning)
CCycle camera mode
PPause the game (only available in game mode)
+Zoom in the minimap
-Zoom out the minimap
TCycle texture filtering modes (bilinear, trilinear, anisotropic)
FToggle framerate display
Print ScreenWrite a screen capture to the application directory
ESCQuit the game immidiately