Complete List of Dependencies

In order to develop the game you will need the following python packages:

  • PyOgre, used for all rendering operations.
  • PyGame, used for outputting sound and music.
  • Psyco, a JIT compiler that speeds up the execution of python code.
  • PIL, the Pyhon Imaging Library. We use it to load our level resources as they are stored as a set of bitmaps.
  • pywin32 (windows only), used to ensure our window get the proper icons and other windows specific tricks.
  • py2exe (windows only), turns our project into a standalone executable that can run without the python runtime.

These tools are needed for supporting tasks:
  • Inno Setup (windows only), to package the application for distribution.
  • png2ico allows us to create windows-compatible icons.
  • The GIMP, for editing the level resources.