Log File

You can find a log of Pathman errors in the file pathman.exe.log in the application directory.
Example :
 File "", line 18, in ?
 File "pyogre\ogre.pyc", line 4, in ?
 File "pyogre\_ogre.pyc", line 12, in ?
 File "pyogre\_ogre.pyc", line 10, in __load
 ImportError: DLL load failed: Cette application n'a pas pu démarrer car la configuration de l'application est incorrecte.
 Réinstaller l'application pourrait résoudre ce problème.
Actual error messages may vary depending on your locale settings.
You may be requested to email and/or post this logfile in order to resolve specific problems you may be experiencing.

Solutions to common problems

Below you can find a list of common problems and their solutions.  Feel free to contribute solutions in the comments.

Application Configuration Issues on MS Windows

You may see this error message: "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect" (or, in the French language locales, last line in the example of the "Log File" paragraph). To correct it, please run 'vcredist_x86.exe' from C:\Program Files\Pathman.
I performed this procedure succesfully on an XP-SP1 machine, but have since received reports of problems installing this update on non-SP2 computers. Things might be a little more finicky than they appear at first sight, see also this MSKB article.
The appropriate long term solution is to deploy the DLLs as a Side-by-side assembly, which is what I aim to do in due course.