Welcome to Pathman

Pathman is a 3D first/third person re-interpretation of Namco's popular 1980's arcade hit Pac-Man, arguably the most popular computer game of all time. Your task is to navigate a 3D maze while consuming little energy pills. Hot on your tail are 4 quirky ghosts, with hunting skills that vary from excellent to decidedly mediocre. 
If you are looking for some old-school fun in a modern package, download Pathman now! 

Playing the Game

The links in this section are intended for normal users of the software. If you wish to whoosh around in a 3D maze popping pills and avoiding ghosts, this section is for you.

Getting the Game

You want to get going? Download Pathman and start eating pills right away! 

Note for Windows users: You may see this error message: "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect", or equivalent for your locale. Please run 'vcredist_x86.exe' from C:\Program Files\Pathman to correct it.

Additional Documentation

The game should be rather self-explanatory, but for those of you that wish to delve deeper into the possibilities of Pathman, here are a few useful resources.

Oh no! I think it broke!

If you encounter problems while playing Pathman, please see our Help section. If your issue is not addressed, or if you would like to request additional features, you can post on our tracker on sourceforge. When submitting feature requests please keep in mind that it is not the aim of the project to deviate far from the original. Requests for adding weapons or multi-player modes will likely not be honoured.

Developing the Game

The resources below are intended for Pathman developers. If you want to contribute to Pathman, or are just curious to find out how it all works, below you will find all the tools you need. 

Pathman Code and Assets

You can obtain the current version of the Pathman source code and art assets from our subversion repository.

Main Third-party Libraries

As they say, no man is an island. Without this software there could have been no Pathman.


Pathman is written completely in Python, a powerful yet simple scripting language. The releases are built using python version 2.4.


Pathman manages all of its graphical operations using the excellent OGRE 3D engine. OGRE is characterized by cutting edge features, clean design and top-notch performance, and has been used in many open source and commercial projects. There are excellent Python bindings for OGRE (called pyOgre). These binding enable us to write the entire game in Python without suffering significant performance issues.

Build Instructions

Here is the information you will need to run the development version of Pathman from subversion: