Running From Source

So you want to run pathman from source huh? Here's some information that might come in handy.

A note on platform independence

Pathman is currently developed and deployed on windows. It should work on every platform and python version where the dependencies are available. Keep in mind however that it has received little to no testing in those environments. The current release (0.9.1) depends on pywin32. A fix has been added to the subversion trunk to remove that dependency when not running on Windows. In the meantime either get your code from subversion (see the instructions on the main page) or comment out the appropriate lines in (import winutils at line 22 and set_icon at line 587 of the 0.9.1 source release).

Collecting the necessary components

For a complete list of packages and other software see the complete list of dependencies. Here i will only expound on packages that require some additional information.


The author uses version 2.4. If you can satisfy the dependencies, 2.5 and up should work too.


There are multiple versions of PyOgre swimming around without clear versioning data. In order to avoid confusion, I have uploaded the version I have used for the 1.xx branch. You can get it from the download page. It is an SVN checkout of the berlios repository, performed around the time of the 0.9.1 release.

Running Pathman

If you have fulfilled all dependencies, just execute


You will be prompted with the Ogre settings dialog and after that you'll be playing!

Packaging Pathman

On windows, you can create an installer package by running:

python py2exe

You will need to have both py2exe and Inno Setup installed. The installer executable will appear in the pathman directory.

If you are on another operating system, I'd appreciate it if you could contribute packaging instructions/code for your platform.